Friday, February 22, 2013

We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Ok....... so it's obviously been a while.  That being said, I have a defense, like any good lawyer.  ;)  After an exhausting yet brief relationship that came to an equally exhausting end, AND moving to a new city for a new job where I didn't know anyone, AND starting CrossFit because I am insane, I am finally back on track blog-wise.  You missed me, I can tell.

Now that it has been a few months and I have a whole host of new experiences, both professional and fashion forward, under my belt, I am making my triumphant return to Ms. Esq.  To kick us off, I would like to broach a subject that I have personal experience with.  I am going to use the term "experience" loosely, because this post is call for advice from my readers:  TATTOOS IN THE WORKPLACE; How much, if any, is too much?

As the recipient of two permanent works of body art, one of which is in a visible location, I have struggled with this problem for a while.  One is on my lower back so no problem there, but I also have a small one on my ankle.  Better than the original planned placement, which was supposed to be behind my ear, but I digress.  Now, CLEARLY, I am not about to walk into court anytime soon in a skirt suit and rockin the shamrock tattoo on my ankle in front of a judge.  Que the Kat Von D tattoo make-up.  But what about everyday at the office?

It is also a given that we shouldn't go strutting into the first day on the new job with our tats out.  (You can laugh at the word-play, that's why I wrote it.)   But what about the scenario in which you have settled in at work, your co-workers like and respect you, and you live in a city where the summers are unbearably hot?  My initial attempt at camouflaging my ankle tattoo was to wear panty hose.  I could launch into a host of reasons why this was an extremely ineffective and horrible idea, but you all know exactly what I am going to say;  to summarize, too hot, see-through, girdle.  Then one day, I put on a brave face and wore a skirt with bare legs.  No one seemed to notice my tattoo, which I considered a victory.  But someone with a larger tattoo may not have the same luck.

My initial thought is that once established, and as long as one is not meeting with clients or involved in an important presentation at work, wearing normal work wear that exposes a small tattoo every now and then is ok, as long as one's office culture is cool with it.  If your office culture is cool with your sleeve, even better!  But as a general rule, I feel it is best to keep it conservative until you get comfortable, have a chance to assess the office climate, and even then, always keep it conservative when meeting with new clients or superiors for the first time.

Thoughts and experiences, readers??????

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