Sunday, March 3, 2013

To iPad, or not to iPad......

As someone who sees the utility of a 4G powered device that is larger than my cell phone for work purposes, I have considered all sorts of tablets (other than my kindle fire.)  I will likely be needing a new laptop/computer/tablet type device by the end of the year, mostly because my tried and true Sony is dying but also a little because I need the tax write off. 

The threshold question for a lot of us in this situation is whether we are going to go for another laptop, or whether we are going to transition to using a tablet as our primary device.  After careful consideration, I have come up with the pros and cons of both.  Note I did NOT say I actually made a decision, hence my call for your assistance, readers!  Let's get started:

The laptop.  Familiar, trustworthy, reliable, and thanks to the popularity of tablets, CHEAP.  For my purposes, I have found that a laptop for around $400 gets me everything I need and more, while the iPad for a similar price doesn't have nearly the same capacity.  I am also a keyboard junkie, which makes me consider the built in keyboard a major plus.  Now I understand that I can attach a keyboard to an iPad, but for the price of the high capacity iPad and the keyboard, I am looking at double the price of a laptop. 

The tablet.  I have shopped around and the iPad has all of the sweet apps I want plus I can read my kindle books on it, the 4G is great, and the technology is unmatched by any other tablet.  I can work form anywhere!  (I haven't actually decided whether this is a pro yet.)  It's like having a phone, iPod, and computer all in one!  My major problems with it are the price point, the auxiliary costs, and the lack of keyboard.  I know myself, and it is likely that I would use the keyboard with it 80% of the time. 

So, here is the question I present to you, readers:  given your professional needs, do you find a high end laptop or a tablet device to be the most universal?  


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